SAILOR SP3510 bærbar VHF


inkl. mva Varenummer: 403550A
SAILOR S03510 0ortable VHF including:
- Transceiver
- Belt Clip
- Lanyard
- Li-ion rechargeable batery
- Charger
- AC/DC converter/adaptor
- DC connection
- Operators manual
The Thrane & Thrane SAILOR SP3500 Portable series features seven high-quality, durable models specifically designed for use on all types of vessel, whilst offering superb value for your operation. The SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF is perfectly suited to fishermen and workboat crew.
Reliability in-hand
Designed and built to high SAILOR standards, the SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF fits comfortably in your palm, is waterproof to IP67, and features a large clear screen.
Out on deck, in high seas and driving rain, you will always get the message and the ribbed grip design means that even with gloves on in wet conditions, you will not drop this VHF and find yourself out on your own.
Portable performance
A powerful transceiver, excellent audio, Dual Watch, Tri Watch and Scanning, and user programmable channels ensure high performance operation whatever the application.
Functionality to suit your job and confidence that all parties can be heard loud and clear, even when working in windy and noisy conditions, are integral to the SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF.
Simple operation
With large tactile buttons and control knobs, a user-friendly interface and red backlight to protect night vision, using the SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF is easy.
Whether hauling in a catch or servicing a pontoon, by relying on the SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF you can improve your safety and efficiency, day or night.
Flexible solution
High quality accessories include interface cables for PELTOR headsets and SAVOX accessories, service/programming cable, dual charger and carry bags.
Connect your SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF with a range of vital accessories, enabling PTT and speaker mic operation, efficient charging and easy transport and storage.
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